Water softener salt is something that most homes in the Michiana area need, but not a lot of people enjoy buying. The bags are HEAVY, and carrying them from your car down to your basement or near your water softener can be a painful and strenuous job. But now, you can get a GREAT deal on water softener salt, plus delivery! Just grab this deal from Acme Water World! They’ll deliver five 40 lb bags of salt for HALF the normal cost! They’ll even bring it inside your home and place it in your basement or near your water softener system.

This deal is perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel like picking up or moving salt bags themselves. Which, let’s be honest, is everyone. It’s also perfect for people who want a great deal! Which, once again, is everyone!

Don’t let heavy bags of salt be a pain. Protect your home and pipes from corrosion, and let Acme Water World do the work for you.

*New customers only. An additional delivery fee of $5.95 and tax of $2.90 must be paid directly to Acme Water World.


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