Your car is one of your biggest investments in life, but it can also be the investment that takes the biggest beating from everyday life. Salt in the roads, road trips with fast food stops, kids leaving things behind, life sometimes gets crazy and taking care of your car is making sure you can keep up with everything life throws your way.

Trust your investment with Mobile Wash Inc! Now on My Deals Michiana, get $40 off a 7-step detail cleaning of your vehicle from Mobile Wash Inc. This includes a hand wash and dry with wax, wheels, tires, and wheel wells cleaned and dressed, and the entire interior detail cleaned and protected.

The best part is, Mobile Wash Inc comes to you! Stay in the comfort of your own home while Mobile Wash Inc takes care of your car!

After purchase, please call Kevin at (269) 262-8170 to schedule your car detailing. 

There may be a traveling fee not included in this purchase if travel is over 15 miles, please allow 2-3 hours for the detailing. Detailing may include pressure washer so please insure outdoor outlet is provided.