Get 200 lbs of water softener salt for 50% OFF, a savings of nearly $40! Plus, you can have the bags delivered to your home and placed wherever you need for under $6 more!*

No one likes getting water softener salt from the store. The bags are super heavy, and carrying them can be a pain. Lucky for you, Acme Water World and My Deals Michiana are here to help!

Not only will you save a large amount of money on the water softener salt, but Acme Water World will also deliver the bags to your home and place them wherever you want.

Leave the heavy lifting up to us. Save time and money with this deal from Acme Water World and My Deals Michiana!


Call (574) 367-2407 after purchasing this certificate to schedule your water softener salt delivery.

*offer only good for solar salt blue bag or yellow bag pellets

*Delivery fee of $5.95 plus tax billed separately.