Open October 8 through November 7!

Are you in the Halloween spirit? Grab a group of friends and check out Escape Down Under’s seasonal smash hit escape room game: Monster Bash! Get 50% OFF a group of 6 players with this limited-time offer. For added fun, you can also come dressed up in your Halloween costumes! This deal makes a perfect Halloween activity for a group of any age.

From the Escape Down Under Website:

It’s Halloween time, and you’ve received a mysterious invitation to a party! You are told when and where the party is and to bring your closest family or friends, but you don’t know who invited you or why.

Something nefarious is obviously at work here, but your curiosity gets the best of you. So you dress up in your best Halloween costume and arrive with your group, only to find out you’ve been trapped!

The scheming host has locked you in and set clues and puzzles for you to solve to attempt your escape! Only the cleverest will escape to survive this ghoulish game! You only have to be faster than the slowest person in your group to escape these monsters!

Can you get through it or will you perish?

This game takes place in our new seasonal room with two rooms of Halloween party related puzzles to work through to get what you need to escape the party! New tech added for 2021!


IMPORTANT: You must email to schedule your booking after purchase of this deal. Be sure to mention you purchased a My Deals certificate and be prepared to show it on arrival.

For more info about Escape Down Under, check out their website HERE!

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