Now more than ever, the safety of the quality of air in your home is important to your health. Temperatures are rising and allergens are filling the air. People are spending more time indoors as society deals with COVID. Add it all up, and you could be breathing unhealthy air more often than you realize. Right now is the best time to get your home or office inspected for signs of mold damage and poor air quality. Luckily for you, the fine folks at Restoration 1 of Michiana are here to help! Grab this incredible discount for 75% OFF a mold and air quality inspection!

Prevention is always more cost effective than dealing with a problem later. Paying a small price to find excessive mold now is a lot cheaper than you think. It’s certainly cheaper than paying a large price to deal with it after it gets out of control. If you have concerns about the air quality in your home, don’t let your family live in risk. Grab this incredible offer and make sure you catch mold before it grows wild. You’ll be able to breathe easier (pun intended) once you know for sure the status of your home or office’s mold and air quality situation.

This deal is limited, so make sure you grab yours while you can. Let Restoration 1 of Michiana help you find any mold or air quality problems now, before you pay more for them later!


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